Conrad Sloane

A couple of weeks ago when I took your TECC class at the North GA Law Enforcement Center I had no clue how dam useful that class would be. All those random ass times you made the class apply a TQ to different extremities started to get annoying but I honestly thank you and Gail for doing it and teaching the class exactly how you did.
Two days ago, I took a GSW to the left leg on duty; it was a 9mm hollow point through and through. The first 10 seconds I couldn’t feel the pain (shock) but I knew exactly what happened and without even thinking applied my CAT TQ that I had on my belt. When I got to Kennestone Hospital, the trauma surgeon was amazed that I personally applied my own TQ well enough to lose pedal pulses and that quickly.
I honestly couldn’t imagine how I would have turned out if I hadn’t taken the class with y’all. Thank you so much for your years of experience and continuation of teaching proper  emergency medical care.
Best Wishes,